RES701 Final Reflection

Here comes the final blog post for this course. A time to give opinion, reflect and understand what I’ve learnt from Claire and her lectures. At the start this class wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but then I guess I didn’t really know what to expect from it. As the first few weeks went by I began to understand the areas and ideas of what Claire was teaching us and getting us to research. My expectations were now changed and I sort of understood why were doing each study or topic.

Speaking of expectations, this leads to opinion as well. With expectation either being higher or lower you may be in for extra satisfaction or disappointment. I wouldn’t say I was either of these at the start. My opinion had changed from the unknown and sitting in RES blank to filling my head with the information and skills we were learning because they are not just important but going to help with our projects and career opportunities. I became very satisfied with what we were doing and began to understand how this was linking in with our IT studies. Overall my opinion of Research Methods is outstanding because of the learning aspects to it.

Another part I liked about research was how the work we were putting in linked up directly to the assignments and how we were able to practice this before the actual assignment. This course also started to create ideas for possible projects which I have narrowed it down to a possible are but still unsure exactly what to do it on.

Some of the topics I found were difficult to comprehend, especially the Ontology and Epistemology subject we looked at. This took me a while to understand but once Claire discussed this in class it became clearer. The truth topic we looked at had to be the most interesting but also annoying in one. It caused a lot of debate which was good, however making you think about what really is truth.

Finally, I want to go back and answer a question which we were asked for one of our first blog posts. What do you think research is?

My answer was : Finding new information of a given instance or subject which you have decided to take further study of. Then using this information for general interest, new knowledge, solve a problem or to pass on this information can all be associated but not limited to research.

Added: I think research can include anything and everything. Any idea, object or topic (etc) has some information or understanding behind it whether it be complex or simple. Research would help you understand this given instance better as well as lead to new ideas. There are several ways to do ‘research’ and some can affect the outcome you personally find. For example when understanding ‘truth’ I never actually considered all the possibilities we came across. Research does this and using different means as well as other peoples concept of the subject is a big part of what research is to me. You have to understand what you think and find and then what others think and find to be able to comprehend the thing we call ‘Research’.



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