Time to think – Project Proposal

Last week we were introduced to our last assignment, making a project proposal. In a way this helps a lot because soon comes the time where some of us have to make the decision what to do for our project.

This decision is one of the most difficult I have to make myself during my studies, Claire our research tutor quoted along the lines of “Its the last thing you can most likely choose to do yourself and enjoy before heading out into the work force”. This totally made sense and is something I am really considering when deciding a project.

To be honest I don’t have a real idea of what I may do for my project, just a base to start from. This base has come from what I enjoy in my studies especially during the current semester. This area fits the networking infrastructure major which I wish to complete and is basically using cloud technology. Another area I am really interested in is sport, mainly football. Is there a way to connect these into a project? This is something I have to find out because I really want to consider it towards a project.

We started doing an activity in class which really helped me, these are my ideas below…

Making a choice

  • Choose one of the questions and make a more detailed description of what you would do to answer/explore the question i.e. a first draft of your list of activities

Why is it evolving networking/infrastructure?

How it has changed the old and how the new technology is being used to do the jobs that were and still are done on ‘bare metal’.

Where can sport be implemented into Cloud technology?

Research …

  • Find services that could be used (Any provider)
  • What sport and areas of that sport could be developed through the use of technology (Cloud) – e.g. Sports Streaming, upgrading the way we can find and view sport or monitoring performance and gameplay
  • Team/Competition Data Storage
  • This evolution makes IT technology more available to use for cases such as sport
  • Understand the evolution of cloud in networking
  • Find cases where sport and cloud may have been used before
  • List of similarities that could be used to implement
  • Choose a provider which best suits the case

Implementation …

  • Start using identified services
  • Implement the sporting ideas into the services

Write a title for this possible project.

  • Sport in the Information Technology World – Cloud Services
  • Can the cloud technology evolution change the sporting world?
  • Implementing a cloud service benefiting the way we view sports
  • Implementing a cloud service to monitor or track sporting competitions

Overall my idea is vague at the moment and I understand this, it is a starting point and something that I hope I will enjoy to do. As Claire said it may be the last thing you get to choose to do yourself and choose something you enjoy which is what I hope to experience before going out into the job world.



  1. thefossedog · June 7, 2016

    Hey Drew you should look at
    These are the guys that make the little trackers that all the the Premier League players wear to track there performance
    They create a lot of stats


    • druebz · June 8, 2016

      Hey thanks for the great link, it helped with some ideas


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