Areas of Interest – Projects??

To summarize this work up seems to be rather difficult for me. One, I have written a bit and to summarize may shorten or influence my ideas against what I was trying to get across. I will start with what is my interest in IT and why…..

Recently I have had the chance to start using cloud and AWS services for my NET 702 course. This class has had to be one of my favourites as well as a pain in the behind. It has interested me the most because of the capabilities of cloud, you can do almost anything without having physical components sitting in front of you as well as saving time and money by using cloud services to your advantage. Learning and understanding cloud to me was just the start, getting to use AWS for an assignment has been really enjoyable.

I have learned some of the basics as well as getting to trial a few services. I wouldn’t say I know much at all to be fair, but this knowledge so far has sparked many ideas and I have come to see why cloud is developing and at the rate it is. The things I do know about cloud have changed my opinion of it and what potentially may be an option to move into post studies. Before I didn’t believe we would all move into cloud technology but after finding a bit more out about the technology I can definitely see a massive increase if not total use (potentially years away) in organisation implementation whether that by hybrid or full.

As I said before, I don’t believe I know nearly enough. I know more of the information behind cloud rather than actually using it. I would love to have more knowledge on how to implement infrastructure in the Cloud, at the moment this is limited to following a tutorial for a project. I also said that I think cloud will start to and potentially be fully implemented by most organisations, I couldn’t even start to begin to say when this might be with the development of cloud currently.

Disregarding any area of IT that interests me, something that interests me in general was  succeeding and making something work. Bringing this back to IT terms great examples arose in software development. I felt great satisfaction to make an application work at the end of the project and this idea is what will make me want to do my project and strive to complete it.


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