Practice for Assignment 2

Monitoring Accelerations with GPS in Football: Time to Slow Down?

  1. The article did inform the reader of the three things in the abstract. These are what the research is about/the topic, what the researchers/authors did and what they discovered from this research. After reading the abstract you are well aware of the article and research and can then make a better decision as to whether you want to continue reading.
  2. The question that the researcher seems to be trying to answer to me is ‘Do differences occur on results between GPS models and/or software updates on common running based football movements?’ Another may be ‘How correct is the data produced by GPS systems for running based football movements between models?’
  3. The researchers used a method where they simulated common running movements from a football player. They were tested during training sessions where the player completed a standardized routine and the device was attached to a custom made sled towed behind the player. Tests were undertaken before and after manufacturer software updates as well as several models from the same supplier.
  4. Initially, the article seems quite limited and short when reading it. If you were to say from just this, then it may not seem credible. Once you look at the methods and results this starts to give you a bit more reassurance because the information found from the methods they have followed appears to stable and well displayed. The authors also increase the credibility with three of the top four featuring over 1500 citations and most cited author having 181 published. These four have a PhD to their name also working for sports academies, universities and a top European football club Paris Saint Germain. The article is quite recent, 2 years published. After all these the article does seem credible.
  5. I do agree with the statements written in the conclusion. This is because the researchers have taken the results into account and concluded from them. Results showed that different models and updates can have an effect and difference therefore you could believe that GPS are not always accurate for reading and analysing sports data.
  6. Two things I learnt from the article are that GPS can be affected by the likes of software. The results indicated change after the first software update, mainly in the amount of distance covered by the runner. Another thing I learnt was that different models also have a mixed range of differences even though they were doing the same tests. It seems odd to me because you would think that the different models from the same supplier. I would’ve thought that the different models would still use the same software to run. Maybe the models effect results because of their dynamics and shapes. Something to potentially query in another study.
  7. The paper describes how GPS systems used in sport to collect player data can have varied results with different model GPS devices and after software updates (different versions of software). I think the researchers were trying to see if GPS systems remain accurate not matter the model or software used on the device. As someone who doesn’t know too much about these devices I would want to think that they all start accurate to a certain degree and don’t change to much compared to one another. It is important for them to be all similarly accurate especially with the types of teams and sports using them and I believe with one of the authors involved in a top football club they would want to be certain the data they collect is consistent. After this research it would be wise to use the same model GPS the whole time and not change the software throughout testing players. These devices have become a lot more common and widely used and I think the researchers wanted to make sure or make a statement that they could be used to much and some information may not always be accurate.


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  1. Clare · May 10, 2016

    Good! Are you interested in doing something about sport related IT for your project? I wonder if the Bachelor of Applied Fitness would have something that needs doing? Just a thought……


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