Credible Evidence – Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship 1:


Search Terms: First I googled and then followed a link from

Writer: Mike Ribble

Published: January/February 2010

Publication: Magazine Article for Away Magazine

I believe this is a credible resource because of the writer and his knowledge of the topic. He has written a couple of books as well as being a director of technology for a school district in the United States. The books he has written are ‘Digital Citizenship in Schools’ and ‘Raising a Digital Child’. Mike also setup the website where I found the article about digital citizenship, containing great info and resources. The time of publish may seem to old for it to be seen as credible with new technology constantly developing,  however the general picture of the topic remains the same which is what this article highlights therefore I still consider ti credible evidence. Other resources also cite Mike.

Digital Citizenship 2:


Search Terms: Google News, following a link from another journal article about digital citizenship

Writer: George Dotterer/NetRef

Published: April 4th 2016

Publication: White Paper

Again I consider this resource to be credible evidence this time because of the group behind the white paper. There is an organisation that have invested time and money into this topic and cited many great resources including Mike Ribble, from the first source above that is seen to be a great cite of digital citizenship. The white paper is also very recent being from this month and year which indicates it could have relevant information for this exact time in technology.

Digital Citizenship 3:


Search Terms: Search Youtube

Writer: FlocabularyYT 

Published: August 7 2014

Publication: Video

The people behind the video appear to be a credible organisation again with investing in educational learning and using a popular music type so the target audience potentially have more interest. The video appeared at the top of the search and with the most views compared to others of the same topic. The organisation also have their own website giving greater investment, the only one thing that may affect their credibility is we don’t know where they have found this information or who actually created the video in the organisation. It may have been someone who read one article and decided to create a video on it.


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