Credible Evidence – Database Design

Database Design 1:

Link: (Database Management Systems)

Search Terms: Google Scholar Search

Writer: Johannes Gehrke, Raghu Ramakrishnan

Published: 2000

Publication: Book

This book seems very credible to me with over 2000 citations from other writers, authors and books etc. Even though it may be old, the topic of database design does not change a lot and could still very relevant with today’s databases. Scholar also proposed this as the top search item, which can be a good and bad thing.

Database Design 2:


Search Terms: Google search

Writer: Datanamic 

Published: No Date

Publication: Web Article

This article has great information and resources however I wouldn’t consider it as credible because of a few reasons. The first being there is no author stated rather just a corporate author being the website organisation. Another reason is I can’t find a publish date and therefore the article may have no credibility because it could be significantly old, even though the this may not affect the topic.

Database Design 3:


Search Terms: Youtube search

Writer: Dr. Daniel Soper

Published: July 23 2013

Publication: Video

I find this information from the video very credible because of the author involved. He has a Ph.D and is an Associate Professor for the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at California State University. His CV contains a large amount of history including publications as well as a vast array of jobs.


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