Argumentative Research

29/03/16 – This week each of us were given a type of research to basically research. I received argumentative research. Below are the questions that we were to answer.

  1. What is it ? (Short description of how it works)

Taking a side in the research and sticking with this only. Convincing others to agree with your point. May incur some bias because of this style. Potentially you pick one side of the research for example a scientific approach or a post-modernist approach and convince that this is the way as well as whether the information gathered is true to you.

2. What kinds of questions/problems might it be useful for?

An argumentative style would be useful where you possibly have to go with one side to get the correct information from your research. For example, a scientific approach has to be done to get the controlled variables correct to gain good enough information. You wouldn’t once consider that there may be a different form of research to use. Questions that this type of research would be useful for may include when you are trying to convince someone that the information is correct. It doesn’t just have to be opinion based, you should undertake your research and gain some good quality information to back this up with.

 3. How could it be used in IT research  (try to think of an example)?

Argumentative methods could be used in IT research you want to see what computer may perform better for example (where there is only one possible way to get correct information). This type of research has to be done only one way and you can’t sit at an observer level taking two sides or approaches. To be convinced that computer A is better than computer B you have to take the scientific side and this is it.

      4. What are the strengths of the approach?

The strengths of an argumentative style that you don’t sit on the fence when researching. You take a stance and go with that to obtain information, even if it may not be 100% accurate or what other people agree with, you have still made your mind, done research and gained knowledge of something that you are happy with. Enough so that you want to convince others that this information is important. Argumentative also produces new types of ideas when researching and therefore brings out your thoughts because you aren’t just agreeing with what the last person has said.

  5. What are the weaknesses of the approach?

Can develop a bias to the research taken because you don’t sit at an observer level and use different ways for your research. There can always be multiple ways for research to be done like the scientific approach where you follow a set of rules and have controlled environments. Many were argumentative about scientific research because this was seen as the only way something could possibly be proven through tried and true testing. If you were argumentative you wouldn’t consider any other line or method of research therefore possibly missing out on other information found.

I found this topic rather difficult, the information I was looking for was hard to obtain in my view and when I found some, it didn’t always make sense to me. Therefore I have developed the best idea I could behind it shown in my answers above.

Links I used:

Analytical vs. Argumentative Research Papers



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