Weeks Class & Answering the Difficult Questions

Today’s Research Class – 16/03/2016

For this blog we were asked to write about something relevant to do with our research studies. I chose to use the class from this week and try to understand what we were going over.

First Up: Illusion and tricking the brain. Rubber hand test. Makes the brain believe that the rubber hand is now yours. It somehow re-wires the brain to believe that the hand is now yours. Afterwards the brain takes a certain amount of time to program back to normal.  Link Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxwn1w7MJvk

Clare used the example of pilots using flight simulators, they would drive off from there practice and crash their cars. This was because the brain still believed that there wasn’t any harm in crashing like in the simulator and needed to adapt back to reality

We then took to the complex idea of Ontology (What exists, what is real)& Epistemology and tried to understand what it is. Using a 3 way spectrum Realist, Constructivist and Nominalist.

Realist – Things have a separate reality, objective existence

Constructivist – Things exist if we (all) agree that they do.

Nominalist – Things only exist if I believe them to

Epistemology: How do we know things, the study of knowledge. Again broken up into parts.

Positivism – Measure, observe, test, analyse (objectively). Using the process to find out and confirm what we believe.

Interpretivist – Interpret information is valid knowledge. Knowing and acknowledging your own bias.

Anti-Positivism – Performance, Poem, Paint, Film. Using these, trying to show what you know or feel. Expressing this without anyone knowing or feeling what you are is really difficult.

Discussing this in class seemed to give me better understanding, when I was looking online for notes on these it was really hard to actually sum them up and get a simple definition. One reason I found was the many different sources and the way they attempted to word theirs. This made it all more confusing, however I did find one really helpful site that prepared me a decent amount on the topic before going into the class.


One comment

  1. Clare · March 22, 2016

    I’m pleased the class helped you to become a little clearer about these concepts 🙂


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