Kicking off with a Blog – 1

  • What do you think ‘research’ is?

Finding new information of a given instance or subject which you have decided to take further study of. Then using this information for general interest, new knowledge, solve a problem or to pass on this information can all be associated but not limited to research.

  • Do you think you will ever need research skills?

Research skills are a massive part of any career as well as study before your career. You could argue that IT would also require a large amount of research considering the mass and ever changing information behind it. So the answer is a big YES. If you or I wanted to be successful in completing the degree which research has already been apart of, these research skills are important to take the information and findings that step further and develop continuously from what your skill set already has.

  • What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?

A research journal to me is a way to express your ideas, research undertaken and findings of it. In a way that someone else may be able to read and understand your process as well as the information found. This basically means that a research journal could apply to anyone that is wanting to gather more information on a topic that you may have done a little research on, people that are looking at ways to improve their research skills as well as anyone interested in your work and enjoys reading up on it.

  • What is plagiarism?

To me, plagiarism is copying or taking another persons work or ideas and using them without permission to either gain from it financially, educationally or for your on purpose. Plagiarism could be as simple as a paragraph added to your assignment and an image to your gallery. Even with permission from the original creator it is best to identify and site that person which is where referencing comes into play.

  • Why is it important to avoid it?

It is important to avoid because there are extreme penalties for those found plagiarizing. Including your assignment being thrown out and failing that paper, large fines or even possibly loosing a job. There are many other penalties, I have used the ideas identified in the question above. Penalties like these could also affect you further  down the chain whether that be applying for another job and studying other courses because an employer may not want someone who has plagiarized another’s work or tutors and education facilities keeping a close eye on all your later work. Overall there are many reasons and it is best to avoid because of the damage it could do to your career, study or even life.


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